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Botanical Garden dying in Bishkek

Botanical Garden is dying in Bishkek. The information appeared on social networks.

Archa Initiative Public Foundation stressed that the alarms of citizens were not groundless.

«Because of the drought, the Botanical Garden is indeed under threat. There is not enough water, irrigation system is in a deplorable state. The state allocated only one worker for the entire area of ​​the upper part of the garden (Akhunbaev Street, 1a / 1), who simply physically cannot cope with the maintenance of the entire territory,» the foundation said.

A new system of storage of water in tanks to irrigate the garden during hot season is tested in the Botanical Garden.

«We, like all caring citizens, cannot calmly watch the garden dying and the long-term work of research workers depreciating. At the same time, we still hope that the state will pay attention to the state of its territory: plans have been developed, key ministries and departments have been determined to deal with this issue ... But, unfortunately, it’s very difficult to maintain the stable condition of the Botanical Garden, since its budget is at the same low level,» the foundation said.

The total area of ​​the Botanical Garden is 174 hectares, including 4 hectares in Naryn. It is engaged in introduction, selection and preservation of plants, their adaptation in high mountain conditions.