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Several Kyrgyzstanis left on the street in Turkey

Several Kyrgyzstanis were left on the street in Marmaris city (Turkey). Compatriots in Turkey confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

According to them, 20 workers from Kyrgyzstan, who recently arrived to work at Marti Resort Hotel, asked the management to change their work schedule or assign them to the positions indicated in the labor agreement.

«The hotel management refused, threatened to impose a fine of $ 850 and, without paying the salary, kicked them out of the hostel. In addition, they called the police, three most active Kyrgyzstanis were handed over to law enforcement agencies. The remaining 17 people were left without money on the street. These are mostly young girls and boys. They were sent to Turkey by Amassa agency in Bishkek,» the compatriots told.

With the help of fellow countrymen, 14 Kyrgyz citizens arrived in Antalya and are currently looking for a job, three of them were invited to work in Izmir.