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Kyrgyzstan is among countries that can not pay off state debt

Kyrgyzstan is among the countries that can not pay off their state debt. Deputy Kanybek Imanaliev said today at the meeting of the Parliament.

According to him, Kyrgyzstan will have to pay $ 400 million annually.

«We are among those states that cannot pay off their debts. We depend on imported goods and remittances from migrants. How will the economy develop when migrants stop transferring money? The poverty level in the country is still high. At least 1.6 million citizens eat for $ 2. This is very embarrassing. They do not have start-up capital for development. At this rate, we will depend on our neighbors in 5-10 years,» Kanybek Imanaliev said.

He noted that the current Cabinet of Ministers were able to implement only two projects — Safe City and Open Sky.

«There was nominal growth of the economy. But the population did not feel any changes,» Kanybek Imanaliev explained.