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Cabinet of Ministers to cancel decision banning registration of house land plots

The Government of Kyrgyzstan will cancel resolution 181, which prohibits registration of land plots adjoining apartment buildings. Chairman of Nashe Pravo NGO Kalicha Umuralieva told 24.kg news agency.

The Cabinet confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

In April 2018, the government adopted a resolution on the suspension of determining and documentation of the boundaries of land plots adjoining apartment buildings. Human rights activists and residents of Bishkek held a rally demanding to repeal this decree.

The Prosecutor General’s Office filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet of Ministers after it ignored decision to cancel the resolution banning the registration of house land plots. On November 6 last year, the judge of the Interdistrict Court upheld the claim. But the Government did not agree with this and filed an appeal.