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Kyrgyzstan to host World Cleanup Day

Republican campaign to clean the country of illegal accumulation of garbage in public areas, natural parks, reservoirs, forests will be held on September 15. The Chairwoman of Eco Demi Public Foundation, Aizhan Chynybaeva, told.

The campaign is timed to the World Cleanup Day. It is held in 157 countries under the motto «Let’s make the world cleaner!»

As the organizers note, the main goal of the event is to draw attention to the ecological situation in the country and the world.

«We plan to involve at least 5 percent of the population in Kyrgyzstan, about 300,000 people. Of course, we would like to achieve 10 percent coverage, because it was proved: such number of participants can change the consciousness of others. When posts about cleanup from the well-known people appear on social networking sites or Instagram, this influences the surrounding people,» she noted.

According to her, if the problem with garbage is solved, this will have a positive effect on the health of the nation and the economy of the country.

As the organizers informed, each person leaves a kilogram and a half of garbage daily.

We need to change our thinking, stop dividing us on those, who need to clean up, and those, who use these services. We must do everything possible to live in a clean country.

Aizhan Chynybaeva

She noted that the preparations for the campaign lasted three months, during which the problem areas were detected, work with municipal authorities was carried out.

«We plan to clean 70 percent of the country’s territory and encourage citizens to participate in the campaign,» she said.

Collected garbage will be immediately sorted and sent to municipal landfills.