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Folk crafts fair to open in Kyrchyn ethnic camp

Ethnic bazaar — fair of folk handicrafts, arts and crafts — will work in Kyrchyn ethnic camp from September 3 to September 8. The secretariat of the 3rd World Nomad Games reported.

Gates that extend to all sides of the world — the gates of the nomadic peoples, decorated with flagpoles, the Chinese gates, the eastern gates and the northern gates will serve as a decoration of the architectural ensemble of the ethnic bazaar.

The ethnic bazaar will be opened at 10.00 am daily to the strains of kerney, surnay and dobulbas.

Visitors to the ethnic bazaar will have an opportunity to try both traditional nomadic food, and the one that is cooked using old recipes, but in a modern version.

The best masters and craftsmen of Kyrgyzstan and other countries will present colorful shyrdaks and colorful ala-kyiyzs, household items, dishes, jewelry, musical instruments.

The ethnic bazaar, according to the idea of ​​the organizers of the 3rd World Nomad Games, should unite the Kyrgyz, Altaic, Arab, Chinese, European cultures of the nomadic peoples.