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Kyrgyzstanis win 5 gold medals at dance tournament in Moscow

Kyrgyzstanis won five gold medals at the international tournament Moscup Grand Prix-2018 in sports ballroom dancing. Ballroom Dance Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

More than 500 duets participated in the competition. Our athletes won five gold, four silver and three bronze medals, as well as 11 cups.

David Plichkin and Evelina Karakay won three gold medals in different categories, Timur Vagizov and Arina Barvenko, Erkaiym Ibraimova (solo) — one gold medal each. Silver medalists are Nikita Pak and Kira Kochergina (twice), Kanat uulu Daniel and Adelina Sadirdinova, Timur Vagizov and Arina Barvenko. «All of them are trainees of Dance Elite studio,» the federation noted.