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Kyrgyz citizens complain most of all about work of courts

About 15,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan applied to the Institute of Ombudsman last year. The Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Otorbaev said at the final forum on the results of the study of the human rights situation.

According to him, about 6,000 people applied verbally.

The analysis showed that the most of all the citizens complain about the work of courts, the action or inaction of law enforcement bodies.

Kubat Otorbaev

«There are also social complaints: access to medicine, clean drinking water. A human fate is behind every complaint, and we are working on every statement,» he said.

The Ombudsman told that the human rights situation was studied on the commission from the Institute. «We wanted to detect key human rights and freedoms issues at the country and regional levels in order to further work more purposefully,» he said.