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Kyrgyzstanis mainly aware of only basic, constitutional rights

Kyrgyzstanis are mainly aware of only the basic, constitutional rights. The report of the Institute of the Ombudsman on the situation with human rights in the country says.

At the same time, the majority of Kyrgyz citizens believe that they know their rights, but only two thirds understand how to protect them.

Their knowledge is generally limited to basic, constitutional rights. They are the voting right, the right to freedom and religion.

Institute of Ombudsman

«In the respondents’ opinion, the rights to a healthy environment, health protection, judicial protection and voting right are violated most often. Half of the respondents said that their rights are not violated, and three fourth did not face it personally,» the report says.

«Citizens named law enforcement agencies and authorities as responsible for enforcing the rights. They were also named as bodies that really protect the rights, solve problems and conflicts in this area. At the same time, one-third of the population solves problems independently or with the help of friends, relatives, acquaintances,» the report says.