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Company without license to build perinatal center in Bishkek

A company without a license will build a perinatal center in Bishkek. CEO of Ayal Story Vyacheslav Strizheusov told today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, in 2015 his company submitted documents for participation in a tender for the construction of a perinatal center in Bishkek. «10 companies applied for pre-tender selection, only three passed, including ours. The procuring entity did not informed us about a winner. Later, we learned that there were construction works at the site. In 2017, representatives of the German bank wrote to us that another company had been selected. There was criticism against it, and if it is not eliminated, the negotiations will be conducted with us,» said Vyacheslav Strizheusov.

He added that the recommendation of the Prosecutor General’s Office to eliminate violations during the tender was sent to the Prime Minister of the country. «The winner does not have a letter of attorney. In addition to the possibility of lending, there are no other sources of financing, there is no information on the availability of construction licenses. The company itself sent documents for pre-tender selection, and there was already a contractor organization present at the tender,» Vyacheslav Strizheusov explained.

The German government provides gratuitous financial assistance of 10.5 million euros for the construction, procurement of equipment, support of operation, as well as for the maintenance of the National Perinatal Center.

The recipient of the grant, that is, the government of the Kyrgyz Republic, allocates 950,000 euros and undertakes to fulfill all the necessary for the project, having allocated a land plot for construction and providing connection to external engineering networks and communications.

Reference of the working group of the Parliament indicates that Ayal Stroy, Soyuzinveststroy and Tek-Imash, which was chosen as winner, passed the selection.