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UN: There are about 400,000 malnourished people in Kyrgyzstan

400,000 people or 6.4 percent of the population in Kyrgyzstan are malnourished. This is stated in the report «Status of food security and nutrition in Europe and Central Asia — 2017», presented by the UN Food and Agriculture Program (FAO).

In total, according to its data, about 5.6 million people in Central Asia are malnourished. Things are worse in Tajikistan, where 2.6 million people are starving. This is almost 30 percent of the population.

In Uzbekistan, 1.9 million people (6.3 percent of the population) are malnourished, in Turkmenistan — 0.3 million (5.5 percent).

The UN Division noted that, compared to 2005, the countries of the region have made «significant progress in combating the reduction of malnutrition, but now the situation in the region is in stagnation — the indicators remain unchanged.» The exception is Turkmenistan, where the situation worsened: if in 2005 4.6% of the population were malnourished, then in 2016 their number increased to 5.5%.

All the countries of Central Asia, except for Kazakhstan, fell into the category of countries, whose population suffers from malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. Kazakhstan entered the group of countries with a «triple burden» of malnutrition, in which there is a noticeable level of malnutrition, obesity, and micronutrient deficiencies.