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Russian company to deal with uranium tailings in Kyrgyzstan

Three uranium tailings in Kyrgyzstan will be subject to reclamation, liquidation and conservation. This is reported by the company RosRAO.

According to it, on August 22, RosRAO State Enterprise (“Rosatom” State Corporation) was selected as the winner in a tender for work at three tailing sites in Kyrgyzstan: Tuyuk-Suu (liquidation), Dalneye (conservation) and Kaji-Sai (recultivation).      

Recultivation is carried out within the framework of the second stage of the interstate target program “Reclamation of territories of states exposed to uranium mining operations.”

The company noted that they will conduct engineering training for the decommissioning of tailing dumps located near Min-Kush village in the Naryn oblast, as well as reducing the technogenic and radiation load on the population living in the settlement of Kaji-Sai in the Issyk-Kul oblast.