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Kanatbek Isaev gets 82.15 points for state language test

Candidate for the presidency in Kyrgyzstan Kanatbek Isaev got 82.15 points for the state language exam. Official website of the National Commission on the State Language reported.

According to it, on August 11, in addition to the leader of Kyrgyzstan party, such presidential candidates as Ernis Zarlykov (60.16 points) and Turat Akimov (85.13 points) passed the examination in Kyrgyz language.

Recall, the lowest threshold for passing the test for knowledge of the state language is 60 points out of 100. Up to date, the leader of Butun Kyrgyzstan party, Adakhan Madumarov, who scored 96.77 points out of 100, has the best result.