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Bakyt Torobayev to get 25-minute airtime on OTRK

The Kyrgyz Public Television and Radio Corporation (OTRK) will provide the candidate for the post of president Bakyt Torobayev with airtime. The General Director of the public channel Ilim Karypbekov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, OTRK will not be able to organize Bakyt Torobayev’s participation in TV debates, but he will get free airtime.

«OTRK must provide an hour of free airtime to all presidential candidates. The candidates use 45 minutes of the time during the debates, and 15 minutes — as a direct appeal to the audience. Bakyt Torobayev will be provided with 25 minutes of airtime,» the head of OTRK said.

The candidate will be able to make a speech on October 9 at 5.55 pm.

Yesterday, the Central Election Commission considered Bakyt Torobaev’s complaint about refusal to provide him with airtime on OTRK. The working group of the Central Election Commission reported that the public channel is ready to provide the candidate with airtime.

Earlier, Bakyt Torobayev refused airtime on OTRK in protest. However, a few days after, he changed his mind and announced his readiness to participate in TV debates and personal communication with the audience.