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Justice Ministry of Kyrgyzstan initiates next amendments to Land Code

The Ministry of Justice initiates amendments to the legislative acts of Kyrgyzstan in the sphere of land use.

In particular, it is an amendment according to which, in a year since the date of withdrawal from the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, an individual should carry out alienation the land plot.

In cases where the land plot was not alienated by the owner after the expiration of a year, it is subject to compulsory sale by decision of the court with the transfer of the amount received from the sale to the former citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic or its transfer to state or municipal property with compensation to the former owner of the value of the land plot determined by the court. In this case, the market price of the land plot to be alienated is estimated, and the costs of its alienation are deducted.

It is noted that the Ministry of Justice brings the norms of the Land and Civil Codes into conformity.