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Xi Jinping: Ancient silk routes embody spirit of peace and cooperation

«Covering thousands of miles and years, the ancient silk routes embody the spirit of peace and cooperation," President Xi Jinping said on May14 opening the international economic forum One Belt, One Road in Beijing.

According to him, One Belt, One Road initiative is not intended to restructure the order. It is necessary in order to align the development strategies of countries, using their advantages. Global growth requires new drivers, development should be more inclusive and balanced, and the difference between rich and poor should decline.

«We must embed the project One Belt, One Road into the road of peace, prosperity, discovery, innovation, the road connecting civilizations, as following the initiative requires a peaceful and stable environment.

The head of China noted that in 2014–2016 the trade between China and the countries of the Silk Road exceeded $ 3 trillion, and China's investments in these countries exceed $ 50 billion.

Xi Jinping

In addition, China will invest $ 8.7 billion in projects in developing countries involved in One Belt, One Road project in the next three years.

Xi Jinping called for more intensive cooperation of countries in the fight against corruption in order to build the initiative in accordance with high ethical standards.

«We must promote a new type of international relations that have mutually beneficial cooperation. All countries must respect each other’s sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity. We need to establish a stable and supported financial safeguards system that will keep the risks under control. It is necessary to create new models of investment and financing, encourage the expansion of cooperation between the government and private capital," Xi Jinping concluded.