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Russia refuses to participate in Eurovision, its broadcasting

The Channel One Russia refused to broadcast the song contest Eurovision-2017 because of Ukraine's refusal to admit Russian singer Yulia Samoilova to it. Website of the channel reported.

«The Channel One considers the refusal of the Ukrainian side as absolutely unreasonable," the statement said. According to the channel, Kiev wants to politicize the contest.

The decision to refuse the broadcasting was made after the European Broadcasting Union notified the Channel One that it could not resolve the issue of Yulia Samoilova’s participation, and suggested either to replace the contestant or arrange the singer’s performance through broadcasting from Moscow.

Russia did not accept these conditions. «Remote performance discriminates the Russian participant and runs counter to the rules and principles of the contest. The option of replacement of Yulia Samoilova by another performer, in our opinion, can not even be considered," the television channel said.

«In such a situation, the Channel One does not consider it possible to broadcast Eurovision-2017," the statement said.

The Security Service of Ukraine banned Yulia Samoilova from entry into the country for three years because of her performance in the Crimea.