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Baby stays in Yekaterinburg hospital, mother deported to Kyrgyzstan

Human rights activists are trying to help the mother of a 1.5-month-old baby, who was deported to Kyrgyzstan, return to Russia. EAN reports.

The boy is undergoing treatment at the Sverdlovsky Regional Children’s Hospital.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the region, Tatyana Merzlyakova, joined in solving the problem.

«The situation is difficult. The mother cannot now return to her seriously ill child, so she turned to Irina Nekrasova, a lawyer from Migration and Law human rights network, for legal assistance. We agreed to act together, give advice, help. The main thing is that there are relatives who are determined to take care of the child and support his mother,» she noted.

Earlier it was reported that a Kyrgyzstani was deported to homeland from Yekaterinburg without her child, who is in the hospital. Nurses and volunteers are taking care of the boy, who is only 1.5 months old.

The baby was diagnosed with a congenital infection. According to activists, his mother was deported from Russia for violation of the migration regime. The child’s father lives in Sverdlovsk Oblast, but due to work he cannot be with him around the clock and care for him. Advertisements about the search for volunteers were posted on social media.