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Social Fund pays 28 million soms to deceased pensioners in 2022

Overpayment of pensions to deceased pensioners amounted to 28 million soms in 2022. Chairman of the Social Fund Bakhtiyar Aliev announced a meeting of the Committee on Budget, Economic and Fiscal Policy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

According to deputy Dastan Bekeshev, every year pensioners must inform the bank that they are alive. «Why can’t this work be digitalized?» the deputy asked.

The Chairman of the Social Fund responded that it receives additional information from the Ministry of Health.

«Relatives of deceased pensioners report their death late. Last year there were 280 such cases, the overpayment amounted to almost 28 million soms. As of November 1, at least 764,000 pensioners were registered in Kyrgyzstan, 23 percent of them receive pensions through the post offices, 77 percent through banks. Every year, pension payments by post are reduced by 5 percent,» the head of the Social Fund said.