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Criminal cases against him were investigated one-sidedly, Bakiev believes

Former president of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev gave an interview to public figure Kadyrali Koshaliev. The video was posted on social media.

According to Bakiev, the criminal cases initiated against him were investigated one-sidedly.

«I know Kurmankul Zulushev as a person who has experience in the law enforcement system. Recently I heard that he said that if Bakiev had enough courage, let him come and be interrogated. There was a big mistake in the charges brought against me, there were violations of the criminal law. Despite this, the case was sent to court and the verdict was delivered. Nobody asked me what happened on April 7, 2010. I didn’t have a lawyer. They themselves appointed a defender, and they themselves made the decision. This is an interesting precedent,» Kurmanbek Bakiev said.

The fugitive president added that for the sake of justice, he would hire a lawyer who would familiarize himself with the case file.

«As far as I have heard, I am not accused of economic or political crimes. I am accused of killing people near the White House. For example, we participated in the hearing in the court in London online, via video link. Someone wrote a statement on contract killing against me and my son, and I won the case, then my son Marat won the case. The person who wrote the statement was fined. Therefore, I propose to conduct the same process in Kyrgyzstan, I will participate in it online, let the hearing be open to everyone. After the events on April 7, 2010, I left for Osh and offered to conduct an international investigation there,» Kurmanbek Bakiev said.

The fugitive president Kurmanbek Bakiev was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan to 24 years in prison.