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Petition against construction of nuclear power plant created in Kyrgyzstan

Representatives of Green Alliance of Kyrgyzstan began collecting signatures against the initiative to build a nuclear power plant in the country.

The statement notes that the country already has radioactive tailings, and the construction of a nuclear power plant is another risk to the radiation safety of Kyrgyzstan.

The initiators of the petition ask the following questions: where will the raw materials for the nuclear power plant be delivered from, where will the nuclear waste be disposed of, how will they be neutralized, and how will the safety of the plant’s operation be ensured. They believe that it is necessary to abandon the idea of ​​building a nuclear power plant and focus on renewable energy and green energy.

Earlier it was reported that Rosatom and Kyrgyzstan agreed to cooperate in the construction of a low-power nuclear power plant. The Ministry of Energy informed that the Kyrgyz side only expressed interest in studying the promising development of Russian nuclear scientists based on the RITM-200N reactor.