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EDB to invest about $11 billion in economies of its shareholders

Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) plans to significantly increase its portfolio in the next five years, investing about $11 billion in the economies of its countries — shareholders. Chairman of the Board of the bank, Nikolai Podguzov, announced to journalists during the 2nd Eurasian Congress.

According to him, capitalization is a necessary condition for the bank to be able to invest. To date, the level of capital adequacy of EDB is absolutely comfortable and allows it to increase its portfolio.

«When we realize that the size of the portfolio requires additional capitalization, we will certainly address the existing shareholders. Perhaps, we will have additional capital from new members by that time. We can also arrange issue of subordinated bonds, which would also be counted as capital. The need for additional capitalization is not urgent. It will be implemented as the bank’s portfolio grows,» Nikolai Podguzov concluded.