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Electricity limits exceeded by 530 million kilowatt-hours for six months

In April — October 2021, the electricity consumption limit was exceeded by 530 million kilowatt-hours, or 10.4 percent in Kyrgyzstan. The National Energy Holding reported.

Specialists in energetics remind that non-observance of the set limits can lead to «deep depletion» of the Toktogul reservoir and the introduction of restrictions on electricity consumption in the regions. To prevent this from happening, measures have been taken to comply with the established and permitted modes of energy consumption by all categories of consumers.

«Awareness-raising activities continue with the population at the local level on the current situation, on the economical and rational use of electricity, possible transition to alternative types of heating. The National Energy Holding calls on each consumer to contribute to the rational use of electricity to ensure the reliable operation of the entire energy system,» the statement says.