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15 government agencies were in charge of tourism development at different times

During the years of Kyrgyzstan’s independence, the status of an authorized state body for managing the tourism industry has been changed about 15 times, and its heads — more than 20 times. President of Silk Road Tourism Association Vladimir Komissarov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the place of a state body in the government block has changed four times from economic to social one and vice versa.

The state body had different statuses in the structure of the government — ministry, committee, agency, administration, department.

«However, as the analysis of the activities of the authorized state body showed, the variety of its statuses did not contribute to the efficiency of its work. Various versions were expressed on this occasion — frequent change of status, frequent change of leadership, and «lack of money.» However, it seems that the most realistic version is that most of the development issues and problems are under the jurisdiction of other government departments, while the authorized government agency is practically powerless to resolve issues and influence them at the interdepartmental level,» Vladimir Komissarov said.

After a recent change in the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers, the authorized state agency for tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic was asked to be separated. However, it was decided to transfer the department from the Ministry of Economy to the Ministry of Culture again.