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Food poisoning at Imperiya Pizzy: Chain cafes fined 21,000 soms

Cafes of Imperiya Pizzy chain were fined 21,000 soms. Head of the Food Hygiene Department of the Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of Bishkek, Makhamat Murzashev, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, a total of four protocols have been drawn up under Articles 51 and 150 (part 5) of the Code of Violations (violation of the rules for compulsory medical examination and violation of the requirements of technical regulations, sanitary rules, hygiene standards and other regulatory legal acts in the field of public health).

«Such a small fine was imposed, because the Code specifies the maximum amount of the fine for individuals. All the chain cafes are registered as «private entrepreneurs,» he said.

Makhamat Murzashev added that a fine of 5,000 soms was also imposed on the Railway Hospital for late notification.

According to the latest data, 179 people turned to medical institutions in Bishkek and Chui region for help after getting food poisoning at Imperiya Pizzy cafes, 50 of them were hospitalized. Their condition is assessed as stable. The rest of the patients were sent for outpatient treatment at their place of residence after provision of medical assistance.

All the cafes of the chain have been closed for the period of the epidemic investigation. The Ministry of Health reported that in connection with the mass food poisoning in Bishkek, specialists from the Centers for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance will inspect foodservice outlets throughout the republic.