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Residents of Osh region complain about lack of electricity, street lighting

Residents of villages in Osh region complain about the lack of street lighting and electricity.

According to them, there is no electricity from 9.00 to 18.00 and street lighting is turned off at night in Kara-Kuldzha, Ylai-Talaa, Kalpak villages in Kara-Kuldzha district.

Residents of Osh and Talas also complain about blackouts. «Everything is the same in Aravan: no electricity, no water,» a lawyer Mukhayo Abduraupova posted on social media.

User Zarina Turukmanova said that the situation has been the same in Talas.

Deputy head of Kara-Kuldzha district Talantbek Karmyshakov told 24.kg news agency that the power outages were caused by electricity saving measures. «We turn off electricity according to the schedule drawn up by Oshelectro JSC, but not in all villages. There are blackouts all over the republic, even in Bishkek,» he said.

Oshelectro informs that the electricity is turned off due to repair work. «We turn off the electricity during scheduled repairs only, in order to carry them out safely. Scheduled repair work is nearing completion. The electricity supply will be uninterrupted soon. Information on power outages in settlements during repair work is published on the official website of oshelectro.kg. Street lighting is turned off and on by the local rural administration,» the company said.