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Sadyr Japarov tells about heaviness of millstones of Kyrgyz justice

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov made a speech at the 2nd Congress of Lawyers. Presidential press service reported.

«For the effectiveness of the law enforcement system and justice, it is necessary that lawyers can perform their professional duties independently, without interference from law enforcement agencies or other sources of influence, and also be protected both at the level of legislation and in practice from attacks and harassment,» the president noted.

He added that lawyers cannot fulfill this role, if their independence is threatened — whether as a result of pressure, attacks or harassment — or if the courts are not impartial and the functions of the legal profession under international standards are not respected and protected.

«The history of Kyrgyz justice is full of examples that convince us of what incredible accidents human destiny can be subjected to when it is on the scales of Themis. It is not easy to get out from under the millstones of Kyrgyz justice, accidentally getting under them,» Sadyr Japarov said.

«I say this as a person, who had experienced the full weight of these millstones for several years. To be honest, without the help of lawyers, primarily their moral support, it would be hard for me to withstand this heaviness of the millstones of the law enforcement and judicial system,» he said.