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Zainidin Kurmanov: There are no elites in Kyrgyzstan, there are decision-makers

«Last year’s October events are a continuation of all the ’orange revolutionary’ and other incidents in Kyrgyz society,» a political scientist Emil Kanimetov said. He stated this at a round table, discussing the consequences of the October 2020 events.

According to him, they are distinguished by dynamism, contradictions and difficult predictability of results.

«Individual and state ‘economic security’ are in the first place in society. Almost everyone is shaking from financial and economic constraints. These constraints have become the reason for the intellectual underdevelopment of people, low level of education, and not a consequence of the stupidity and backwardness of the population,» Emil Kanimetov said.

He, like other experts, urges the authorities to focus on solving economic problems.

Political analysts also believe that in order to maintain stability, it is necessary to find a balance between the local elites.

A Professor Zainidin Kurmanov objected — there are no elites in the Kyrgyz Republic, there are decision-makers. He recommended the authorities to bring thinking and active-minded people to control.