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Number of state feasts proposed to be limited in Kyrgyzstan

Representatives of the event industry propose to limit the number of feasts at the state level. The toastmaster Erkin Ryskulbekov said this at a round table discussion, devoted to the issue of limiting the number of feasts in the country.

According to him, first of all, it is necessary to stop wasting money at the state level on different anniversaries and major events.

We know that the customers of the sumptuous feasts are the people in power. So let them show that they are ready for modest celebrations.

Erkin Ryskulbekov

According to him, more than 40,000 citizens work in cafes and restaurants. A considerable number of companies are also involved in the event industry.

Recall, the Ministry of Culture decided to announce a competition for the best scenario for the development of a new format for the feasts. In their opinion, it is necessary to impose a restriction on sumptuous feasts.