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New electoral legislation to turn country into Bay-manap Khanate

Presentation of amendments to electoral legislation takes place in Kyrgyzstan. The document has already been submitted to the Parliament and will be submitted for discussion by the relevant committee one of these days.

The seventh convocation of Parliament will be elected according to a new mixed system: 55 — on party lists, 35 — on single-mandate constituencies. At the same time, party lists will be closed, as they are now. That is, the voter will not mark in the ballot those candidates from the parties whom he or she would like to see in Parliament.

Rita Karasartova, a member of Reforma party, said that this is a rollback and politicians are again playing their games with the interests and will of the people. She demands to support the previously put forward draft law of a deputy Altynbek Sulaimanov on preferential voting and remove single-mandate constituencies. According to Rita Karasartova, this will turn Kyrgyzstan into the Bay-manap Khanate.

Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission Nurzhan Shaildabekova added that a mixed system exists in 40 percent of countries, which are considered as democratic.