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Election results as of 20.30: Four parties get into Osh City Council

According to preliminary data as of 20.30, four parties get into the Osh City Council. The Central Election Commission (CEC) provided such data.

The CEC continues counting of votes.

As of 20.30, four parties, which have overcome the seven percent threshold, get into the City Council in Osh. These are Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan (36.86 percent), Bizdin Kyrgyzstan (33.37 percent), Uluttar Birimdigi (15.91 percent) and Bir Bol (8.35 percent).

The rest of the parties did not win even 5 percent of the votes.

Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan and Uluttar Birimdigi overcame the 7 percent threshold in April, but Bir Bol then lacked literally 0.5 percent of the votes. Bizdin Kyrgyzstan is a newcomer to the election race.

In total, 50,079 people participated in the elections in Osh city that is 36.72 percent of the total number of voters.