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Election results as of 20.30: Birge-Together wins in Tokmak city

Repeat elections of deputies of local councils have ended in Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak cities.

According to the automatically reading ballot boxes, Birge-Together party takes the 1st place in Tokmak with 28.27 percent of votes. Emgek is the second with 24.82 percent. Asyl Muras-Zhashtar won 16.66 percent of the votes, Patriot Yntymagy — 13.69 percent, El Birimdigi party — 12,13 percent.

Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan party did not get into Tokmak City Council. It won 1.65 percent of the votes only.

In total, six parties took part in the re-election campaign.