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Election results as of 20.30: Emgek party wins in Bishkek

Repeat elections of deputies of local councils have ended in Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak cities.

According to preliminary data, which come in real time from the automatically reading ballot boxes, Emgek party takes the 1st place in Bishkek with 18.23 percent. Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan is the second place with 14.18 percent, Ishenim — 12.53 percent, Social Democrats of Kyrgyzstan — 8.9 percent, Onuguu-Progress — 7.99 percent. Yntymak won 10.53 percent of the votes.

Reforma won 5.43 percent of the votes, Zhany Mezgil — 0.23 percent, Zamandash — 3.32 percent, Force in Unity — 4.89 percent, the Green Party — 0.31 percent, Aikol Kyrgyzstan — 0.09 percent, Turan — 0.39 percent, Kelechek-Future — 0.57 percent, Capital — 1.35 percent, Uulu-Zhurt — 0.21 percent, Our People — 1.26 percent.

At least 2.95 percent of citizens voted against all.

In order to get into the Bishkek City Council, a party needs to overcome the seven percent threshold. According to preliminary data, six parties succeeded in this.