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Deputies to elect judges of Supreme and Constitutional Courts

A draft of a new regulation has been developed in the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

The document regulating the activities of the Parliament is being brought into line with the new Constitution. It contains provisions allowing MPs to form groups.

The draft regulation says that deputies give their consent to the appointment of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, his deputies and members.

Parliament members also elect judges of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts by half of the total number of votes upon recommendation of the President on the basis of a proposal from the Council for Justice Affairs.

They are dismissed from their posts on the proposal of the President in cases stipulated by the Constitution and constitutional law. Deputies give consent to the dismissal of the chairpersons of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts upon recommendation of the President, on the basis of the proposal of the Council of Judges, in cases stipulated by the constitutional law. They approve the composition of the latter. The Chairman of the National Bank, members of the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums, members of the Accounts Chamber are elected: one third of the composition — based on the proposal of the President, two thirds — on own initiative.

Upon recommendation of the head of state, deputies agree to the appointment, dismissal and prosecution of the Prosecutor General by at least half of the votes of the total number of deputies of the Parliament.

Number of deputies is reduced to 90 and they will be elected at the ratio: 55 — on party lists and 35 — on single-mandate constituencies.