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Kyrgyzstan develops plan to counter hurricanes, dust and sand storms

The Tian-Shan Analytical Center (TSPC) at AUCA has developed a National Action Plan for countering hurricanes, dust and sandstorms for 2021-2030. Press service of the organization reported.

Kyrgyzstan, due to its geographic location and protection by mountains, is not exposed to dust and sand storms. But in recent years, local short-term strong winds with dust, which equal in strength to hurricanes, have become more frequent.

«Considering the potential danger of hurricanes and possible future dust and sand storms due to climate change, Kyrgyzstan is taking measures to prevent them. In particular, our center has developed a National Action Plan to prevent and counter hurricane winds and possible dust and sand storms for 2021-2030,» Kanat Sultanaliev, Director of the Tien-Shan Analytical Center (TSPC) at AUCA, told.

The plan was created to attract attention and raise public awareness about the problem and danger of hurricanes, dust and sand storms. It involves teaching citizens how to prevent and counteract hurricanes, storms and their damage (land degradation, desertification). In addition, it is planned to create special maps that reveal the problem and causes of desertification and drought, related social and environmental problems.