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Tajik military detain and rob human rights defender from Kyrgyzstan

The Tajik military detained a human rights activist Gulgaky Mamasalieva in Leilek district of Batken region on June 15, 2021. She herself confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

According to her, it happened the day before at 19.00 in the area of ​ Eski-Oochu village in Kulundu rural area.

«I was driving from Maksat to Kulundu. In Eski-Oochu village, when I was moving through a disputed area by car, I ran into a checkpoint of the Tajik military. They got behind the wheel of my car and drove me behind the checkpoint. I was alone. They kept me for an hour and a half, rummaged through my car and bags. Then I found out that 10,000 soms were taken out of the bag. I wrote a statement to the police about the loss of money and detention,» Gulgaky Mamasalieva said.

After her release, Gulgaky Mamasalieva learned that the Tajik military had demanded $ 1,000 from her relatives.

«I was released following the instructions of the head of the Tajik border post. Apparently, our military talked with their colleagues. Then I found out that the Tajik military called my relatives and demanded a ransom for me,» Gulgaky Mamasalieva said.

Gulgaky Mamasalieva is currently in Batken and is monitoring reconstruction of the affected villages after the military aggression by Tajikistan.