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Repeat elections: 25 parties to participate in elections in 3 cities

Stage of submission of lists of candidates from political parties for participation in the repeat elections of deputies of Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak city councils, scheduled for July 11, was completed on June 13 according to the calendar plan for preparation and holding of repeat elections of deputies of Bishkek, Osh and Tokmak City Councils.

At least 17 parties submitted their lists of candidates for registration to the Bishkek Territorial Election Commission:

  • Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan;
  • Emgek;
  • Turan;
  • Kelechek-Future;
  • Reforma;
  • Onuguu-Progress;
  • Bizdin Kyrgyzstan;
  • Bizdin El;
  • Capital;
  • Zamandash;
  • Yntymak;
  • Socio-Political Party Strength in Unity;
  • Zhany-Mezgil;
  • Social Democrats;
  • Ishenim;
  • Uluu-Zhurt;
  • Green Party of Kyrgyzstan.

Nine parties submitted their lists of candidates for registration to the Osh Territorial Election Commission:

  • Yntymak;
  • Uluu Zhurt;
  • Bir Bol;
  • Bizdin Kyrgyzstan;
  • Butun Kyrgyzstan;
  • Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan;
  • Uluttar Birimdigi;
  • Kelechek-Future;
  • Nur.

Six political parties submitted their lists of candidates for registration to Tokmak Territorial Election Commission:

  • El Birimdigi;
  • Birge-Together;
  • Emgek;
  • Patriot Yntymagy;
  • Asyl Muras Zhashtary;
  • Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan.

In total, 25 political parties intend to take part in the repeat elections.

Ata Zhurt Kyrgyzstan party intends to participate in the elections in three cities.

In accordance with the law on elections of deputies of local councils, the relevant Territorial Election Commission, within 10 calendar days from the date of acceptance of documents, checks compliance with the procedure for submitting the list of candidates with the requirements of the law and makes a decision on registration of the list of candidates or makes a reasoned decision to refuse it. The check is carried out, including using Tunduk electronic interdepartmental interaction system.

At the same time, if the election commission found inconsistencies in the documents that are an obstacle to the registration of the list of candidates, it is obliged to notify the political party about these inconsistencies within 24 hours after receiving the materials. A political party has the right, within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the notification, to make the necessary changes and submit the corrected documents to the relevant territorial election commission.

The commissions will announce which political organizations are registered on June 20. Campaigning will begin on June 21 and will last until July 10.