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Border conflicts: CSTO charter needs to be revised

The CSTO member countries need to revise the organization’s charter in matters of internal conflicts and response to them. President of Alpha international association of veterans Yuri Pogiba said at the conference «Role of the CSTO in ensuring security of borders of Central Asia».

«The latest events on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border have shown that the issue of revising the CSTO charter in terms of responding to internal conflicts is pending. This is an important point, which becomes a reason for criticism of the organization from the outside,» he said.

According to him, the issue of security of the southern borders of the CSTO has become more and more urgent in recent years.

«The Taliban, let me remind you, announced their readiness to strike at any of the countries of Central Asia, if U.S. military bases are located on their territory. In general, the operational situation in the Central Asian region in the last year is assessed as a situation prone to heating. Russia’s achievements in Syria and the associated outflow of militants — former members of ISIS to Afghanistan, local border conflicts — all this is pulling together into a dangerous knot,» Yuri Pogiba said.