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Advisor to Sadyr Japarov meets with head of Chechnya

Adviser to the President of Kyrgyzstan Ruslan Kydyrmyshev presented the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov with horse harness made by domestic masters. Foreign media report.

According to them, Ramzan Kadyrov met with Ruslan Kydyrmyshev in Grozny city.

«I must say right away that this is a person whom I am glad to see always and in any situation. First of all, I congratulated him on his recent appointment as an advisor. In an informal setting, we, as always, talked about the successes of our regions, shared our views on the latest events in the world and just talked about various topics,» Ramzan Kadyrov said.

According to him, the republics have many common interests. These are sports, charity and much more.

«Being a true connoisseur of horses, Ruslan Kydyrmyshev, like me, devotes a lot of time to horse riding. So we had plenty to talk about. As a result, an extremely informative and relaxed conversation took place. The Kyrgyz and Chechen peoples, without any exaggeration, are fraternal. To this day, a huge diaspora of our fellow countrymen lives in Kyrgyzstan, who have remained there since the time of severe Stalinist repressions. I am especially pleased that Kyrgyzstan is on the rise today, rapidly developing its economy and social sphere,» the head of Chechnya stressed.

Ruslan Kydyrmyshev presented Ramzan Kadyrov with a set of horse harness, including a bridle, a saddle, and a handmade girth.