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Son of ex-Kyrgyz ambassador to US released by court until end of investigation

A citizen of Kyrgyzstan, Tengiz Sydykov, suspected of smuggling weapons to Russia, was released until the end of investigation. The decision was made today by the court of the city of Alexandria (Virginia).

Citizen of Kazakhstan Eldar Rezvanov, detained together with Tengiz Sydykov, remained under arrest.

28-year-old Tengiz Sydykov and 27-year-old Eldar Rezvanov were arrested on February 27 on charges of international firearms trafficking, smuggling and other offenses.

The son of the editor-in-chief of ResPublica newspaper purchased 24 Glock pistols on May 17 and May 19, 2017. The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported, referring to the Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Virginia.

The article indicates that the total number of pistols that he acquired eventually amounted to 64 units.

Zamira Sydykova herself told that Tengiz used to rent an apartment with Eldar Rezvanov, but has not lived there for a long time.

When Eldar Rezvanov was detained, Tengiz Sydykov went to the police station to find out what had happened to his acquaintance. However, the police also detained him only on the grounds that Tengiz Sydykov lived with the suspect in one apartment.

Zamira Sydykova expressed confidence that the situation would be resolved in near future and Tengiz would be released.