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Women borrowers hold rally at Government House in Bishkek

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ulukbek Maripov will continue a meeting with protesters who seized the building of rural administration in Prigorodnoye village on April 15 and declared that they were ready to commit self-immolation, if the authorities did not solve their problems with loans.

About 60 women gathered at the Government House.

One of the borrowers of the State Mortgage Company, Yrys Zhumalieva, also took part in the protest. She complained about the high interest rates.

«I work as a teacher. At least 5,000 citizens took out mortgages from the State Mortgage Company to buy housing in 2016. At least 1,000 people of them still cannot buy out their homes. We are already being evicted. The case is in court. This all is because of the high interest rates. Due to the fact that the state company and the banks did not tell us that if you buy a house for $ 30,000, you will finally pay $ 65,000. Before the pandemic, we worked at three or four jobs, now, due to quarantine, only at one. The earned is barely enough for food,» Yrys Zhumalieva said.

At least 15 women announced today that they were ready to commit self-immolation. They doused themselves with gasoline and brought a gas cylinder with them. One of the protesters told 24.kg news agency that women took money at interest from private individuals and commercial banks three years ago, but could not repay loans on time. All the participants of the protest are single mothers and demand to cancel the interest debts accumulated over three years.