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Kyrgyzstan abolishes requesting of certificates, documents in paper form

Procedure for requesting certificates and / or paper documents from individuals and legal entities has been abolished in Kyrgyzstan since April 1, 2021. The Prime Minister Ulukbek Maripov signed the corresponding decision. Press service of the Government reports.

«In order to implement the presidential decree on «further measures to improve the availability and quality of provision of state and municipal services to the population,» the procedure for requesting from individuals and legal entities certificates and / or paper documents provided by state bodies and local authorities, self-government bodies in the provision of state and municipal services, subject to the complete transformation of the requested information into a digital format, is abolished from April 1, 2021,» the press service said.

According to the document, it is instructed to provide:

  • Functioning and data exchange of services between state bodies and local self-government bodies through the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction Tunduk (free of charge) in the provision of state and municipal services included in the list, unless the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic provides for a different procedure for exchange of information;
  • Transfer of certificates and / or documents in paper form to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic in case of a request from citizens of the country staying abroad for submission at the place of demand in the host country;
  • Compliance with the Law on Personal Information in terms of existence of legal grounds for working with personal data within the limits of powers and competencies established by the legislation of the country in the field of personal information.