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March for women's rights to be traditionally held in Bishkek on March 8

The next march for women’s rights is to take place in Bishkek on March 8. Initiators of the event told 24.kg news agency.

«March 8 is the day of political solidarity for all working women. It doesn’t matter where you work — at home, at the machine or in office in the struggle for your social, economic and political rights. This day has never been a day for a family idyll, a celebration of spring and femininity. On this day, women, at the initiative of socialists and communists, unite to declare their demands for social equality and justice for all. It’s time to return the true meaning of this day — it means to become full subjects of lives, who value freedom and do not succumb to deceitful promises and myths about «women’s happiness,» organizers of the march note.

Participants of the march want to remind the authorities that female happiness is:

  • Free and high quality healthcare;
  • Decent conditions and equal pay, without discrimination;
  • Free quality education without sexism;
  • Accessible urban environment and favorable ecological situation;
  • Full political participation of women at all levels of government;
  • Safe home and safe streets;
  • Love without coercion and violence, on an equal footing;
  • Freedom of expression;
  • Free time for rest, creativity and self-development;
  • Freedom of peaceful assembly.

The peaceful march for women’s rights will be held on March 8 at 13:00 and will take place along the route White House — Monument to Fighters of Revolution.

On March 8, 2020, unknown persons attacked participants of the feminist march. The police arrived at the scene, but they began to detain not the provocateurs, but the march participants. They were fined, accused of violation of public order. The activists filed a lawsuit. They sought justice for a year. Only in February 2021, the Bishkek City Court overturned the order on imposition of a fine within the case on violation against one of the detained participants of the March 8, 2020 for women’s rights.