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Presidential spokeswoman tells about results of Sadyr Japarov's visit to Moscow

«The visit of the President of Kyrgyzstan to the Russian Federation was very eventful and productive. As a result of the meetings, the goals that Sadyr Japarov outlined before the visit were achieved,» the Spokeswoman for the President Sadyr Japarov, Galina Baiterek, stated.

According to her, agreements have been reached on ensuring international information security, providing gratuitous technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic to create a system for labeling of goods by identification means, in the field of agricultural products supply. In addition, the parties managed to agree on the supply of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus infection Sputnik V, after which a campaign for vaccination of the population begins in the republic.

An agreement was reached in the field of agriculture on the supply during March of 4,530 tons of seeds of wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, safflower, lentil and soybean varieties. Issues of ensuring safety of Russian investors and in the field of emergencies prevention were touched upon. The agreements of the parties on continuation of military-defense cooperation became important.

The parties also reached agreements on the delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems and attack drones in the near future.

The spokeswoman noted that this would become an important contribution of Russia to ensuring the security of both Kyrgyzstan and the external borders of the EAEU and the CSTO. During the visit, they also discussed the issue of gas, fuels and lubricants pricing policy, the activities of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund.

«Humanitarian and educational projects and the importance of preserving and developing the Russian language in Kyrgyzstan took a significant place in the negotiations at different levels that was stressed by the both presidents. The parties agreed to open 44 Russian-language boarding schools in all regions of the country. Construction of the educational institutions will be carried out with the support of the Russian side. Russian teachers will be involved in work in the boarding schools,» Galina Baiterek told.

The issue of opening regular flights between the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic and revising the tariff scale for air tickets to the previous level was raised. This issue is strategic and extremely important for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan working in the Russian Federation.

Another extremely important event is the meeting of Sadyr Japarov with representatives of large Russian business. Such a meeting was for the first time held within the framework of the working visit of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, which indicates the openness of large Russian business to establishing contacts with partners from Kyrgyzstan and development of new investment areas.

«This, of course, was the result of the fact that the head of state personally showed his interest and readiness to create conditions for successful business in the republic. During the meeting, the issue of opening representative offices of large Russian banks in the Kyrgyz Republic was discussed, which will undoubtedly lay the foundation for strong financial cooperation and become a good sign for other business areas,» the spokeswoman stressed.

Meeting of Sadyr Japarov with compatriots temporarily living and working in Russia took a special place within the framework of the visit.

The President made it clear that the leadership of the republic would take all possible measures to improve the situation of labor migrants. At the same time, one of the main tasks of Sadyr Japarov is opening of new investment projects, production and industrial sites, creation of new jobs that will allow labor migrants to return to their homeland and work and live next to their families.

«We can state that the visit was successful and fruitful, note the satisfaction of both sides with the results of the working visit, the agreements reached and new directions that were discussed beyond the planned scenario,» Galina Baiterek concluded.