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Security issues are landmark in Russian-Kyrgyz relations

Security issues are landmark in Russian-Kyrgyz relations. Political scientist Igor Shestakov said at the round table discussion «Challenges and threats to security of Kyrgyzstan amid activation of social and political processes».

According to him, Kyrgyzstan again confirms the image of the country of rallies, and this cannot but worries the partners in the CSTO and SCO. The expert noted that there are real threats.

According to another participant of the discussion, Yuri Pogiba, Kyrgyzstan faces serious trials, and therefore the visit of the President Sadyr Japarov to Russia is of strategic importance for maintaining stability.

«A clear, balanced course focused on protection of the national interests of Kyrgyzstan is very important,» he said.

Yuri Pogiba called on the Kyrgyz authorities to take into account the fact that the world has entered a new phase of confrontation within the framework of a hybrid war, and the country could be drawn into this swirl.