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Sadyr Japarov bans appointment of people with tarnished reputation

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov signed a decree on a new state personnel policy.

The head of state notes that this is done to radically improve the system and practice of recruiting personnel for state and municipal positions. In addition, he advocates for attraction of a larger number of young people and professionals to state bodies and the local self-government system, and also draws attention to the need to reduce corruption risks in the public administration system.

All officials should consider ensuring fair access to public and municipal service as the main task of the new state personnel policy. In addition, they must remember about the inadmissibility of discrimination, formation of a professional state machine, career progress and creation of conditions for the work of employees and setting decent salaries.

Sadyr Japarov notes that selection of personnel should be based on the professional and moral qualities of the candidates only. There should be no restrictions on gender, nationality and language, as well as on the basis of disability. The President considers it important to retain the professional staff and at the same time ensure the influx of young people into the service.

Sadyr Japarov banned appointment of persons with a tarnished reputation, previously involved in corruption crimes.

Selection of personnel should be improved, and government agencies and local government bodies should constantly improve the qualifications of their employees and conduct retraining of personnel.

The President recommended developing a state strategy for development and formation of personnel. It should include, among other things, unified procedures for selection and career advancement. Priority in appointments should be given to those in the talent pool. A permanent system of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel should be formed.

The Government was recommended to expeditiously develop draft legislative acts and other normative legal acts that determine the principles of selection, placement and promotion of personnel for state and municipal positions, including political positions, as well as for positions in state and municipal institutions, organizations and enterprises.

The Cabinet of Ministers must ensure priority of the appointment of persons who are in the reserves established by law. In this case, candidates must fully comply with the qualification requirements.

The Parliament was recommended to consider, as a matter of priority, the draft legislative acts in terms of improving the personnel policy, initiated by the Government.