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Parliamentary elections to be set after referendum on new Constitution

The Chairman of the Constitutional Convention, Bekbosun Borubashov, told 24.kg news agency that the deadline for submission of the draft of the new Constitution to Parliament is postponed.

According to him, consultations continue. There are two controversial points left.

«We were planning to submit the version we had developed already today. But we do not have time. We will try next week. And then let the deputies work with it,» Bekbosun Borubashov said.

The only thing I can say is that the parliament members have to decide on the date of the referendum. Maybe, they will decide that the plebiscite should take place in March.

Bekbosun Borubashov

He added: as for the elections of the seventh convocation of the Parliament, the date of their holding will be announced by the president, not the Central Election Commission.

«Kyrgyzstan will be divided into districts. But the deputies will decide in what proportion,» the head of the Constitutional Convention stressed, noting that the members of the Convention only wrote that the electoral system would change from proportional to mixed one.

Snap presidential elections and referendum on form of government were held in Kyrgyzstan on January 10.