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Expert names Bishkek districts with worst ecological situation

The worst ecological situation is observed in the western and eastern parts of Bishkek. An ecologist Dmitry Pereyaslavsky told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the southern part of the city along the highway is mainly landscaped. Winds blow from the mountains, the air is cleaner there. «The western and eastern districts of the capital were left without attention, although people also live there. At the same time, Leninsky district is the leader in the formation of the city budget. But trees are not planted there, believing that people are not used to them and will break the saplings,» Dmitry Pereyaslavsky told.

He noted that any green spaces purify the air from smog, and reminded about three functions of green spaces — ecological, aesthetic and recreational.

«It is the first function that helps fight smog, dust, noise, lowers temperature and increases humidity. But the priority in the city is the decorative function. Yes, magnolia blooms beautifully, but it is very difficult to care for it. There are many areas where imported ornamental plants are planted, which then wither away. As for the recreational function: parks should be created for people, not for show, lawns should be used, and there should not be signs with the requirement to keep out,» the ecologist explained.

Dmitry Pereyaslavsky stressed that lawns should not dominate, as it is in Yntymak park.

There should be at least 60 percent of trees, 30 percent of shrubs, and only 10 percent of lawns and flower beds.

According to the plan for improving the ecology in Bishkek, starting from 2018, it was supposed to introduce a comprehensive, three-tier greening of streets and quarters, plant not only trees, but also shrubs and herbs.