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Oncological diseases are caused by smog in Bishkek – deputy

Allergies and oncological diseases are caused by polluted air in Bishkek. Deputy Emil Toktoshev stated at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on the fuel and energy complex, subsoil use and industrial policy.

He asked if there were those who filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision due to smog in the capital.

Deputy Minister of the relevant department Asel Raimkulova replied that there were no such cases, but statements are received.

The deputy also asked what work the ministry has done to combat smog.

«An interdepartmental commission was created in 2023, which includes 11 ministries. On February 16, the plan for 2024 was adopted by order of the Cabinet of Ministers. Gas infrastructure expansion is underway. 22 boiler houses switched to gas and electricity. At least 31 out of 47 residential areas are supplied with gas. The fire at Bishkek landfill has been extinguished,» Asel Raimkulova answered.

In addition, according to her, a tire processing plant has been opened in Tokmak.

«There are 80 processing plants now. Also, the Bishkek City Hall and the ministry have adopted a plan for the current year to solve the problem of air pollution,» Asel Raimkulova concluded.