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New article on burial after death included into Constitution of Kyrgyzstan

A new article giving the right to burial after death was introduced into the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan. Members of the constitutional convention announced at a meeting of the section «Rights, freedoms and duties of person and citizen.»

The new norm was introduced in addition to Article 45 of Chapter IV «Economic and social rights». It says:

Everyone has the right to be buried after death. The burial order is determined by law.

Earlier, a former funeral house director, pensioner Bolot Karamuratov, proposed to introduce into the law a norm that would guarantee free provision of land by the state for burial of the deceased.

The head of the Legal Support Department of the President’s Executive Office, Makhamadzhan Iminov, who participated in the discussion, said that the former president did not support the initiative of Bolot Karamuratov due to the contradictory content of the project.

«It is a very acute issue. The issue of land, the right to burial, wherever a person wants and for free. There is also a social problem. They complain about the cost, about the fact that houses are being burned down, people are kicked out of the villages for burying strangers in this or that area. But is it necessary to solve such problems through the Constitution?» expert Leila Sydykova asked.

Ex-ombudsman Tursunbek Akun called to introduce the provision into the Constitution in order an appropriate law and mechanisms for its implementation to be developed in the future.

A decision was made by a majority of votes to introduce the proposed norm into the Constitution.

Working groups and a secretariat have been established for an effective work of the constitutional convention. The members of the convention work in three sections «Fundamentals of the constitutional system», «Rights, freedoms and duties of person and citizen» and «State Authorities».